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My dad got me tickets to see Cavalia in Atlanta for my birthday! Its basically Cirque Du Soliel, but with horses. It was an amazing show- especially for anyone who has ever worked with or bonded with a horse!

Here is the trailer for the show! I could write about it, but words really cannot describe adequately what I feel for horses, and awe they inspire. I remember in particular one time at my summer camp, I was in the woods by myself for some reason and my coworkers were driving the herd from the field, through the woods to the barn on the other side, and I heard the thunder of hooves and turned and saw them all rushing towards me. I ran to the nearest tree so I wouldn’t get trampled, and they all rushed past me… I can’t describe how that makes you feel. This show really captures the fascination and freedom I’ve always found among horses.

We drove several hours to get there! It was boring. I hate driving.

Oh look, Atlanta traffic!

I brought my friend Diana with me and it was a lot of fun! We got sushi before at a restaurant called Strip. It was good. I always love sushi.

Then I got chased back to Savannah by wild horses. No really, though- the show is well worth seeing, and beautifully staged. I recommend it!