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Alright. Anyone who has known me… ever, really, has known this or one of the other Saab 900s that I grew up with. My Dad loved them and for ages they were all we had in the garage. Naturally, as the cars began to age, they were passed down to me and my siblings. I called the Saab ‘Little Black Car’ for as long as I had it, and we had a love hate relationship. I’d decide I liked the car one day, and put new seat covers on it or buy new tires, and it’d break down within 24 hours. If I let it get dirty and ignore it, it’d run fine. You know how old cars are. And by old, I think I mean classic. Like, its THAT old now. People who like cars started trying to chat me up- I don’t do the classic car thing, I’ve just had the same one forever.

The Saab finally began to wear on me this year… It started a habit of breaking down frequently and that combined with the Savannah summer heat and no AC really got to me. I worked my butt off all year to save up money, found the Saab a new home via craigslist (Sorry little car… but it was bought by some college age brothers who like old cars, so I think it found an appreciative home!), and bought me a 2012 Orange Honda Fit Sport! Yeeeeeehaw! I love the everything about it, except that I can’t fit my lazy horse in the back. Guess he will have to walk. My plan is to drive this car until it is also a classic, and then I will buy a spaceship. I think its a solid plan.