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Firstly, here is my tacky Christmas card for this year. Clearly, King is as excited about the holidays as I was.


I had a good Christmas- my favorite gift was a roll of toilet paper wrapped up in a gift bag from my Grandmother. She couldn’t think of anything to get me, she said. But in a seriousness, a roll of toilet paper is a lot more useful than many gifts I’ve gotten in the past, hahaha! At least it will get used, right?

I managed to get several paintings done as gifts!


A gypsy for the love of my life. You know who you are.


And trees for a few of the many people I care about.

It was a nice feeling to get back to painting with real paints, as always. All of the paintings are on extra canvas boards that I had laying around after taking a portrait painting class. One thing thats actually prevented me from painting anything in a long time is the fear of ruining canvases, because I like the ones on thick stretcher bars and they are SO expensive! I need to reread Art & Fear and get over it. I must also remind myself that Jack London was right when he said “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”


One a completely different note, I made this crazy design which is to be printed on t-shirts for Beats Per Minute Clothing Co, based out of North Carolina. It was fun to work with imagery that I don’t generally use. Hopefully I’ll get to design more stuff for them in the future!

Anyway, New Years is right around the corner and I think I’ll have some good resolutions up my sleeves for 2012. Its looking to be a good year for life changes. Too bad the apocalypse is coming before the year will be over, right? …But in all seriousness, who decided the Mayans are so credible all of a sudden? Think about that one.