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Howdy howdy howdy, it sure is a new year! You know what that means? Time to reevaluate and make goals! I’ve actually had a good amount of time in the past month to do a lot of reflecting- my freelance work has been slow because, as a colorist, I am at the end of the comic assembly line and the artists who draw the comics I work on have been late on their deadlines, so I’m still waiting for a growing pile of work with shorter and shorter deadlines… So I will be slammed soon, which is fine- thats just how it is when you freelance! But in the mean time I’ve had time to think about what I’ve been up to over the past year.

I spent a lot of this year being rather robotic. I had the goal of buying a new car which really drove me to put my nose the the grindstone and work as hard as I could, but when I did that I had to put aside a lot of whimsy just to get things done, hence why my blog was really sporadic and short for most of the year. I’m feeling much more social and creative now and I’m enjoying my work more now that I’ve given up the workaholic act. I have a lot of good things going on- Comics, selling art at AT Hun Gallery, teaching a bellydance class or two every week, leading trail rides at the barn, and occasionally telling ghost stories to tourists. That sounds like a lot of random jobs, but when I’ve charted the hours I spend on everything weekly I still spend the most time on art. And I love everything that I do, which is important. When I was deciding what to study in college some artist told me to do what I love, and the money will follow. I feel really lucky that I haven’t had to work any jobs that I’ve resented and I’m still making an honest living doing what I love. And this year I plan to keep doing the same things… But do them even better.

I feel very blessed. I essentially have managed to get my hands on everything I’ve ever wanted since I graduated two years ago- I have my horse, a functional car, friends and a city that I love, a career doing art, and a wonderful relationship. I’m still very much at the beginning of many things, mainly my career, but considering that I graduated at the worst possible time in the past several decades in terms of the economy, I think I’m doing really well for myself. I’m not rich or famous, but I have work and I’m doing a good job at everything I do and I’m happy. So I’d like to thank the Cosmos for the luck I’ve had.

My resolutions are to make a habit out of both updating this blog and doing yoga. Blogging really makes me feel much more mentally collected- I used to use a LiveJournal constantly and it really helped me put my thoughts together, but that was back in a much unhappier time and so I used it to complain a lot, and now that it is the opposite I’ve been at a loss for words when it comes to talking about my life. I’ve had to learn some happy vocabulary. And yoga is good for the body and soul. I grew up in a strict Christian environment and whereas I still believe in God and Christ, I have not felt comfortable in a church community, but I have found in yoga there is a spirituality amongst the people who attend- and its a rather ambiguous spirituality, which is fine by me, and it helps me to connect to what I believe. So this year I want to focus on the importance of my mind, body and spirit though yoga and blogging.

Also, I got an iPhone for Christmas so when I start some new projects I’ll be better able to document them via photos… iCloud is awesome. I was going to put more pictures in this post but I only have taken pictures of my horse and cat and friend’s baby, none of which are relevant to this post. I’ll plan better next time.

Bring it on, 2012! I’m on a bright path.