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I have recently finished my first painting in a good 8 months or so- it is a Pronghorn Antelope and the moon. I’ve always been drawn to various types of antelope and I would even say that they are my spirit animal. I painted this to get myself started back on the path I’ve want to go down with my art, but have been avoiding for some reason. Some days I question my art career and what I should be doing with myself, as many artists do when starting out, but I’d like to be done with that. If everyone already knew what they were supposed to be doing, the world would be so boring. I’m blessed to be able to paint and I intend to start using my talents to the best of my ability and start painting from my soul again. Art school burned me out, but I’m rising from the ashes.


Here are some in progress shots of the painting. It is acrylic on wood and I finished it off with some metallic paints and a gloss varnish to add more depth. It really looks vibrant when the light hits it! I’m proud of it. Finishing a painting really is like a journey. You have to add layer after layer to pull the image in your mind out and onto a surface. Its a feeling I’ve missed- holding a painting that you’ve just finished and are proud of, and ending a small journey. On to the next one, who knows what will be at the end of the next path I venture down!

In other news, I’ve read back through my blog and I’ve noticed some patterns. One is that I commit to blogging more pretty much every time I post anything. In general, I post a lot of goals. I haven’t accomplished most of them, but I actually am doing better than I was about it! For instance, I’m going to yoga regularly. I’m not painting as much as I’d like, but I still am painting. Getting started on all of these things really is the hardest part. Its sounds so cliche to say that, but I’ve honestly struggled to make myself do anything besides freelance work. I’m finally breaking through that. So maybe in this post I’ll avoid committing to say I’ll blog, paint, or do any other nonsense more often (even though being able to do a headstand is on my to-do list)… But I think I’m far more likely to be on top of my goals than I have been in the past couple years.

Floating through life is starting to bore me. I’m ready to do something more with myself.